Password troubles

gpg + pass part deux

Last Saturday, my new phone arrived in the mail. As a techie, I was naturally delighted to get my new treat up and running. Both my old and my new phone are Android phones and I was surprised to see how (shockingly) easy it was to migrate all my stuff. Not all settings were migrated directly though; mostly passwords would need to be set up again. Since I did use gnu pass + GPG for my password management as described in my previous password management post earlier this year, I figured this would be quite easy to do! [Read More]

Updating GPG subkeys

My yearly yubikey GPG subkey rotation process

This is just a list of things to consider when updating my GPG subkeys (encryption, signing, authentication) for the particular setup I use on a daily basis: one master key without any expiry date to generate and revoke subkeys I use pass as my password manager. the basic idea is that it’s a command-line password manager that uses gpg under the hood for encrypting / decrypting the passwords. the passwords are encrypted with an encryption subkey pass allows managing its history with git, linking the storage on a remote gitlab / github server. [Read More]